Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Excursion to Agra

23 October ..  The excitement  couldn't be hidden when my friend ask me to accompanied him to agra.  I wanted to visit agra once anytime  convenient.' But the the excursion came earlier then I expected.  Agra is famous for it architectural marvel' the Taj mahal enlisted seven  wonders on the globe. I envisioned taking exquisite photo  with glistening castle as the background. But my stomach felt butterflies when I learnt that many girls  were actually accompanying us as well. I hardly remember any time .travelling with such a huge number of damsels.and traveling with girls always made me paranoid.
Train appeared on the platform at 11 pm and halted for next 30 minutes providing ample of time for the passenger to board. The station has become stony silent, Contrary to other days when it's damn busy as the bee,  it looks deserted.  Train was vacant and berths have collected an inch thick of dust.
The train was devoid of any mobile vendors as well, with no one coming to sell water, my lips parched. And throats went desert dry. At length when my friends snored  I lay awake staring at the balck moonless night outside. It was quite cold and I embraced my legs occupying the most corner of the berth.
taj mahal has all the beauties it has been always been praised with. The stunning sculpture and the architecture was impressive . Beside it is not a bad place for  any couple to come for honey moon or else rendezvous.
The clicking of photo was the most memorable part of the trip.  Even I didn't compromise and snapped abundant pictures, posing, group photo and selfie like wise.