Friday, 19 December 2014

cleanliness is next to godliness.

I can't comprehend whether it is some deliberate act or  simply ignorance  that makes people to expectorate disgusting sputum ,.phlegm and spiting anywhere they stand. In any sense it's really disgusting and very unhygienic as well. Beside it make us prone to fatal accidents and skidding , from which I narrowly escaped myself.
These godforsaken habit is almost accepted by the society in our country. People don't mind spitting tobacco and the extra lime from the chewing of bettle nuts are rubed on the spledid walls, and in fact on anything  under their nose, with no regard to the aesthetic and sanitation of the  environment. Fortunate and unfortunate the chewing of doma is an indispensable  part of our culture and greetings.

Many people  hold  their  head in disgust  to see sputum as dirty as itself. Often  those  smoker  are to be blamed ,after every puff  they  spit  and  expectorate  sputum regardless  of the sanctity  of the place  . apparently we can notice that two evil  habits viz.smoking  and carefree  spiting has formed a two side of coin and buried within the pocket of their conscience. That by saying I don't mean there are no hopes, rather more conspicuous  changes are at our fingertips.
 we nourish a cataract that   bare  us from seeing  the good things happening  in other countries. At any cost  we must  treat the cataract.

People  should stop thinking  about going to Switzerland  because  it's clean,  instead emphasise  on making  Bhutan the another Switzerland. Lame thinking and excuses such as ,this is not mine,I dint do that, me alone can't change  nothing , these instinct  should be really changed. Comparatively  Bhutan stands high on its heel  in terms of cleaniness  and biodiversity.  And we young citizens should  also keep  up the legacy.