Tuesday, 13 January 2015

an unexpected reward...

Somebody careless just happened to dump a paper  on the open road in the heart of a town. Nobody dared to pickup and dump in a proper  dustbin. Few young guys  stepped  over and went . The reckless  driver turned a blind eye  onto it. Everyone ignored that paper and due to wind it flew afloat. The town  was itself dirty,as people  failed  to manage  their  waste, rubbish didn't go inside the dustbin  but lay about them. Not a single person displayed any courtesy  to pick up  the waste and put in a pit. As of the small paper ,still remained  floating  from one road to another.

One day a young lad came to town from a  village . He was very concerned  about the environment  and condemned  any sort of pollution. At least, he took care of his own waste making sure it was  rightly  dumped. That day he went about with his shopping work,.buying and bargaining  stuffs to take home. On the way he saw the same paper that was ignored by the society.  He saw from distance aloof. He picked up the paper wanting to put in a dustbin. There was no place to discard the waste and he took with him. On the way he glanced at the small paper, he went speechless.  He shed the tears of happiness. He was  rewarded  for his priceless effort. The paper  was no ordinary. A big signature  was clear at the bottom, and all he had to do was fill in the amount on a blank check. He soon became filthy  rich, and still continued his good will service to the environment.