Monday, 5 January 2015

I Don't want to be fat.

Though I am not  much conscious about of my looks and dressing Conduct but when I last checked  my weight  it has increased  by heaps. I normally  use to weigh  52 kg  and now became  64kg. What the heck is happening? I can't fathom.

 My diet  ain't heavy, in fact after reaching  college  I didn't  get chance  to relish  even bones  let alone other meat products. Dry beefs  (shakam) is always a luxury. Because in the first  place our college is located in Hindu and Muslim dominated area.  What Hindu consumes  are forbid by Muslim  and vice versa. Cow is god for Hindu  and are worshipped. In.a nut shell,  chicken is the only alternative. I dismiss mutton and buffalo  meat,because I have never eaten hitherto.

well  what makes me more heavy now? I feel anxious  when my friends  tell that my stomach  is swelling.  I can feel that as well. I have  a prognostication as to how I may look after few more years from now. What if my belly  swells like a 8  months pregnant woman, what if my face become big  as if stung by thousand bee. Will the girls reject me if I assume  such obsolete  physique. What ever I don't want to be fat it's my wish.

 I can't go for dieting,else I may die of anorexia and worst I am ulcer patient.i can't even  play more as my health forbids. I should  do something lest my weight may keep adding. Oh god!I want to be as I am,tall and thin .