Friday, 30 January 2015

inside the hospital

I came to assist  my cousin brother for a medical checkup.  Thimphu hospital  is very huge and large number of people  going about their works.  The building stinks like a hell, the air is heavy with intoxicating  drugs. Massive number of patients  are worst for my head .  Things otherwise would have been easier if I came early. But it's noon and the queue   is freaking  long. My token number is  103, literally  it means I have to wait and watch hundred and two people  enter and exit the chamber. My turn will be due only in about  three  hours from now. I am already  running  out of  patience and might even succumb to sickness.

We were in line ,some people came and called on doctor with no comply to token procedure. They came late but their consultation was given first preference. We came punctually and had to wait. It was a big irony, but none payed heed . When  our turn came, 4 hours has  already elapsed. It was a test of patience pushing us to limit.

Winter is very harsh, the cold sinks in our bones. The sun rays are faint and no match to the freezing air. The visit to hospital  came to end ,meanwhile the sun was sinking behind  the tall mountains. With my hands in pocket and  face shawled headed homeward.