Saturday, 24 January 2015

It's time Bhutan should be proactive towards waste management.

We are fortunate to embrace the happiness and comfort  brought about by the rapid developmental activities, however at the same time we cannot ignore the deleterious  impact  of such activities. Various problem  evolve due to reckless mining and road infrastructures. By and large it's the the  problem of waste that demands more attention. Massive amount of garbage from individual  household, industries  at large, municipal waste etc wreaks havoc in the environment. 
The garbage  includes  all plastics, diused metal, infrastructure debris, etc.which are categorised under non biodegradable. Where as waste from kitchen, food processing  industries, etc falls under biodegradable category.  Either of any two have deleterious  affect  on our environment. 

Enormous amount of waste are produced  from the municipality and big towns like thimphu  ,phuntsholing etc . Thimphu city alone is said to generate  metric tones of waste in a single day. The only available  land fill is at memilakha and it's at the verge of becoming full. Apparently  it's just a matter of time ,one day when memilakha  gets full ,it will take a massive toll on us. Much the same every other  places face the challenge  of waste management. There is big void amid  the management  policy and as well the genuine  initiative  and concern from all the people. 

In Bhutan people take things for granted. We think it's the sheer responsibility of city cooperation to take care of the waste . In a way it is the lack of attitude  and cooperation from the people ,which hinders the success of waste management. Only sizeable number of houses do the segregation of plastic /non plastic. As well its lack of awareness and civility in the mindset of Bhutansese  citizen. 
It's quite pathetic when a VIP traveling by a BMW,recklessly throws out their waste on the road. 

Bhutan is  comparatively far cleaner and greener, perhaps this can be attributed  to lesser population. But now the situation is otherwise. More people and more waste , rapid development and massive unwanted stuffs. Unless we change our mentality ,the sheer roleplay  of city cooperation would be a despair. 

But apparently  things ain't out of control. Though we are all but late still  lots of things can be done to avoid a biggest catrastrophy in the times to come. We should be proactive and concerned as to where our own disposal goes into. We should emphasise more on holistic approach by way of recycle,reuse principle. Zero tolerance to litter and necessary  measures to curb the careless attitude of people. Unless we consolidate our contribution and mindset together as one ,Bhutan is susceptible  to a great risk  of waste disaster.