Friday, 9 January 2015

reflection from an office galss window..

When ever I go  to phuntsholing town afoot, I pass by the PNBoffice. The office has very big windows of sheer glass which bares outside bypasser to see inside in contrast inside people can see outside. The interesting feature is the windows  ability to reflect our image.
It gives an overwhelming  feeling to see our image reflected like from a high definition movie screen. Every time I pass the office I gaze upon those glasses and do some prompt makeup, making sure I don't draw attention  of premises.  adjust my pants shirts and raise  my hair into spikes afresh. I often saw many  people doing likewise,checking their heel, haistyles and some confident lads even  take time in comparing there size,height and makeup  anew.

Those  glasses  are way motivating.  Because  even the mirror  in my room can't display such image quality. When I see myself handsomely on the glass,it abounds my selfesteem. But it's kinda  funny also, since inside the building there are offices and apparently  many people  going about with banking works. So chances that I may be centre of attention for them.

Well anybody who comes to phuntshloing  should perhaps pass via  PNB too. You will experience  a difference. ...