Monday, 30 March 2015

kite runner. .khaled Hosseini

Amir and hassan are two kids who preface the novel by flying kite. Hassan is hazara which is an ethnic tribe in Afghanistan. By and large the hazards were considered low and had downlooked status in the diverse afghan hierarchy. Hassan stays  with his dad ali (later reveals that he ain't hasssans bilogical dad.) And works for Mr. Baba. amirs dad. 

Amir is way introvert and often depicts coward nature. For instance when hassan is bullied by assef and his gang ,Amir simply watch and averts his support. But in contrast ,hassan recues amir all the while  in any dire  circumstances. Sad part is Amir himself struggles to gets his father's full attention which appered to be way equally divided with hassan too.

After the outbreak of war and the taliban austerity things change. There massive diaspora towards Pakistan. Life in kabul becomes another living hell. Amir and baba somehow manage an escape and later after chains of hurdles finally go USA. His baba expires ,survived by amir and newly married wife soroya. 

Fateful wind blows and  swirl another storm.  Rahim khan who is his confidante and friend calls him to Pakistan and reveal a startling secret about his dad. His dad had an affair with his  servants wife and bore her  a son, who was the hassan. Hassan and amir were half brothers. 

Inside  Afghanistan the worst outraged ,hassan is shot death like any other innocent victims.  Devilish taliban ruled the town and tyranny assumed shape with guns at their hand. Rape ,murder,torture and in name of God ,inhuman crimes were commited. Many children were orphaned and even these kids were abused mentally and physically. Amid all this turmoil, amir muster his courage and drive into kabul the seemingly death trap.

As adviced by Rahim ,he enters kabul to witness all the worst he heard on news often by far worser. His mission is to bring his lately discovered nephew who is in an orphanage. With God's blessing he and the boy manages to escape to Pakistan although he gets badly injured . Happiness shed it's light on them, he recuperates from injury and he fly back to USA with his nephew. .