Thursday, 27 August 2015

beautiful day.

With onset of summer monsoon , the grasses are growing lushly . Everywhere looks green , the playground is carpeted with lushness too.  The trees are showered and look afresh. The rain removes the dust from the road  making it very clean .  students carrying colourful bags and books are outbound for college. Since there was a mild rainfall in the morning, the prognosis of a sky burst made many girls to open up their umbrella. The campus look amazing with dazzling  umbrella walking in all direction. The air is resonated with laughter and merry  vibes from the  classroom. Somewhere not afar , students are singing their hymns in height of devotion. The salvation is in the air too. The gardener is engaged in weeding, he always ensure that an  aesthetic decorum of the college is  kept up to date. The fruitless tree stand erect in an orchard, except for some golden bers. The field has been prepared for cultivation of gladiolus in the upcoming season. The grapevines entwines along a support in never ending line. The giant palm tree stand with his head held high in the sky. The beauty is at every breath and every step  slowly becoming an inseparable part of me.