Saturday, 21 November 2015

i only she knew.

Phuntsho was shy and man of few words.  He was fond of reading. There would be always something   to read in his hand. He would amuse himself by watching his friends shout and tease each other. He would laugh silently and his emotions were barely expressed. His seat was at the last end of the corner, this provided him some edge to remain alone and better view of his friend’s childish doing in the front. He was observant and his eyes knew exactly when to read or harmonize with those girls in the front seat. Just like most timid and demure guy suffer silently, blade of unexpressed love and hop sliced his heart. Over time he fell in a secret crush.  Though by himself he lacked courage to approach her but his reaction in her presence spilled most of  his secrets. Deki was fun loving and outgoing type. Her beauty was unblemished and her trendy dressing charmed it more. in her presence he fidgeted and his voice shook. His cheek would flush apple and by deki  revealed his secret feeling for her. Despite his shy nature, she teased him and sought means to converse. Days and months passed, the season changed.  Outside the flowers on the cherry plant blossomed, birds gathered grasses for making nest. One fine morning Phuntsho slipped a tiny letter inside the book which deki left on the table.  When she was back from the recess, she picked up the book and headed for the library. On the prior night she has finished her novel and was due for submission. She stared at the cover page for some minute, the title wrote in bold ‘ if only she knew” by james arther. She gently gave a kiss and shoved it among the endless shelves.