Monday, 9 November 2015


It was my wish to write up some tribute to his majesty the king but I seriously lacked words to express myself. While going through the various encomiums posted in the page ´writers association of Bhutan”  I was mesmerized by the quality and the expression they have applied to their writings. It was really beautiful and articulate. Well on my part I am devoid of such skills and my ability to express is handicapped.  By and large the it may remain an individual talent to be able to write up any prose or tribute, but what is more important is the genuineness of the feeling we are putting into the writings.  i have also written some lines in dedication to the anniversary , however I feel my words are inadequate and lack any charm that normal writer are supposed to maintain. What we as a citizen of Bhutan should remember is that everything his majesty did for our nation is beyond any words of a writer. Very survival of nation is the sacrifice and service that his majesty did for us. The birth anniversary itself was divine blessing fulfilling the prophecy of sage terton drukdra dorji. With today his majesty turns 60, and is moment for a reflection to the past. its time to look back how our nation transgressed under the leadership of our king. Ruling through thick and thin periods of the history, with undeterred love and passion , his majesty sacrificed everything for the nation. Today Bhutan stands not simply as country but a happiest nation in the world. His majesty adorned our nation with all the elements to be appreciated by the whole world. Its under his sheer leadership that aspects of culture, heritage and livelihood of people seen vibrant changes that enticed the world wide. On the whole , our king will always remain our hero  and his deed for the nation will be inscribed in the heart of all generation to come. Thus I have written a simple poem for his majesty.

Six decades of love and kindness,
Reign of blessings and merriment.
Heaven played the song of harmony,
Rejoiced and cherished his endearment.
Here I salute to the king of unparalleled destiny.

Bestowed with unmatched charisma,
At very young age was he enthroned.
Enthroned with mystical ravens crown,
 Enshrined with equality, justice and kindness.
Ruled his subject as children of one family,
As father he protected and loved as mother.
Here I salute to the king, the parent of our nation.

Selfless service to the nation and peoples welfare,
Framed with the holistic philosophy of GNH
From roads, telephone to television,
In health, education and agriculture,
Tremendous developmental activities he pioneered.
Here I salute to the king, the architect of our nation.

Life and blood he sacrificed for the nation,
Wearing an armour of patriot and divine love.
Threats and enemies he vanquished thus,

 In glory and victory the flag of nation waved,
Praise to the king the patriot of the nation.

Lots of love on this joyous anniversary,
Tremendous happy returns of the day.
 Thank you and Kadrinche mewang cho,
You are greater than any words expressed.