Saturday, 5 December 2015

heart broken

I woke up and washed up, put a brisk mak-eup. With gel I shoved my hair up into spikes, sprayed the cheap perfume. I went near the mirror examined my outfit, blue t- shirt and jeans. At length I stripped it off, did not look good on me, put on the only levis t-shirt I had, it was a good catch. Meanwhile I was looking at the phone and awaiting a beep of message. One text came and plunged out right, I blew a kiss on the screen and unlocked. It was spam message from the company, I deleted it with vengeance. For about past one month, I had been exchanging non -stop text with her. Asking what she had for her lunch?, how was her day , good night sweet dreams so on. The prompt reply with lot of funny emoticons was so sweet, giving tough time to hide the smiles from my roommate. Every text I sent brought me closer to her, hopes and expectations welled up. Soon we started going around together, met at cafe and in the canteen, walked along the road and amongst the lush field.  Those were the times when I wished that I could thus live for thousand years. Her message started to become indispensable part of my daily feelings. There is something spell in her words that would defy any mans feeling, just as bee is drawn to a rose. The secret of correspondence was short lived, soon many people became fishy about us, even the walls got eyes and ears. Presently there was a second beep in the phone, I rushed for it. With abundant smiles I followed the lines,
dear phuntsho, not know how to tell. From the beginning itself I should have warned you but I did not. I am sorry it was my entire fault; I let your expectation spring up.  We have been good friends till date and I want you to feel the same ever, hop you are not thinking beyond. Hereafter let’s limit our text for urgent times only; I am sorry I cannot hang with you anymore. Tk.
Like a flies to the flame, I feel burnt and broken.. Mirror of dreams came breaking down into pieces.     No words came to reply back. All I can do was remove my shoes and the levis shirt. Pulled the blanket and ducked inside. Suddenly wake-up call played and I was woken, it was 3am. Everything was dream and in the dream I slept heartbroken.