Wednesday, 9 November 2016


I don't remember seeing Facebook pages being flooded with status when Bhutan elected it's prime minister. But when its presidential election day in USA, Bhutanese are discussing as if it's Donald Trump and Clinton who are  becoming the president og BHUTAN.  This is a huge irony,  wanting to know more about other countries and whereas interest to our national event doesn't even come close. 
Well, it's is good to know about world news and keep abreast of the latest happening but it's not very necessary to take it online , discuss,  debate about their story. For instance , some  people already started regretting Trump as  the new president,  they have gone as far as writing abusive , dissatisfaction etc on the wake of the Trump being elected as the new president. 
I feel, many Bhutanese are analysts trying to predict the future of America under their new leadership.  Nobody has assigned us to analyse their future and  it doesn't also look very rational to discuss about other countries internal affairs , asif it's our own. I think who and what becomes the leader of other countries should not be much of humongous interest to us.  In fact , no matter what and how much we might discuss or debate online would not even make a sense to them. Taking this on board, we should be aware of what we are discussing online. As metioned earlier , news such as president of USA, discusing about them like we are an American citizen doesn't look credible.  Rather , if we involve in bringing up relevant internal topics pertaining to national interest and concerns than it would be much appreciable.  That by saying doesnt mean bringing up issues which may affect the national peace and stability, this should not happen. Anything which can spark unrest violence should be avoided. 
Well, we have 2018 coming by. I am anxious to see how we react to the election i the online forum.  I  have a big doubt.