Saturday, 8 September 2018

The Necklace , Alexdra Dumas

The necklace by Alexandra Dumas

The novel which is over 700 pages would probably be one of the most epic tragedy novel from his times. Fiction or a real history , I found this very amazing and worth piece to while away my lousy times. Initially with so many characters and plots , I had tough time distinguishing them individually. In fact the whole climax and intensity unfolds almost only from the mid and in the last.  All in all a very touching piece from the Author and equally impressed on my first time reading of his books. 
In short, the story is about a queen who is very beautiful, noble and generous lady. Like in court anywhere, there are also considerable numbers of people at her service, Each holding different position and duty. Amongst them , a lady who is wicked but smart and intelligent steals trust of the queen and ultimately stabs her from behind. She is the real swindler in her plot to steal the priceless necklace. Her only intent to grab the necklace but in her pursuit she plans and conspires devises a deadly plan. 
In her plan , She uses the weakness of other people , the innocence of the queen and more over she carefully exploits to her gain. She accomplish her motifs but in her wicked quest , she drags many of the people in the court into misery and suspicions particularly the queen who suffers intense allegations of infidelity , frauds and distortion. In all the times, King stand his ground and protect his queen with outmost love and trust. At the end the culprit gets nabbed and the guilty convicted but the diamond necklace disappears and damage to the monarchy gets done. 

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