Monday, 12 June 2017

Review- Radio Shangrila by Lisa Napoli

Title- Radio -Shangrila, what i learned in the happiest kingdom on the earth.
Author- Lisa Napoli
Review- it is a non-fiction book , recounting the experience and her memories while as a Radio- journalist in tiny kingdom of Bhutan.
She herself was a radio- journalist in USA.She had a trouble with her life in states and feeling of complete dissatisfaction with her profession and in fact with herself. Dissatisfaction stashed to unhappiness and her desperation to pursue something new to renew her life and emotions.
One-day a stranger came and opened her eyes. He introduced to her about Bhutan the country which she otherwise was hardly aware off.  The short meeting fascinated her and she become tempted to visit Bhutan.
After completing all the procedures , she leaves for Bhutan where she would work as a radio journalist.She describes how everything from nature to architecture, the hospitality and the never failing smile of the Bhutanese people touched her heart from the day one. Although  her first visit was short -lived one , her love and attachment for Bhutan compels her to revisit again. When she visited Bhutan , it was a epoch year for the tiny kingdom. Unprecedented changes were taking place in the country . The godly king of Bhutan was abdicating his throne and new king was being crowned. The country was transforming into democracy ending its century of peaceful monarchy.

After spending pretty time in Bhutan, breathing those mountain air, watching those meandering river , the temple bells. etc she feels her emotions that weighed her down were partly faded into the mist. She goes back to USA, and continues to work in some radio station.

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Friday, 2 June 2017

The petals

The leg is devoid of eye,
The flower is devoid of speech.
Beautiful on the tree once,
Fallen and in despair now.
Over her fading petals,
Trods a gleeful boot.
Onto the  road flat,
Lifeless her soul is crushed.
Beneath the monsoon shower,
Red as blood the road is stained.

Monday, 29 May 2017

The spring

The campus look clean,
wet from last nights shower.
The road looks fresh,
amidst the stretch of trees.

In a dazzling hue,
The trees are blossomed.
The veggies beside the road,
Are ripe and near to harvest.

The litchis in the orchard,
red as beetroot in backyard.
Here is the harvest time,
 they are so ripe and prime.

Pluck few and peel few,
Sun is hot and my caps askew. 
Onto the ladder we climb,
Its spring and harvest time. 

Mangoes are getting yellower,
Compared to litchi its slower.
The big fat chinwan,
the red skined irwin.
In few days or sooner,
They will ready for my dinner .