Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The spring

Spring has unfolded her elegance,
Beauty to flaunt yet so ephemeral.
Thin clouds sails like a ship across,
Clinging on its rim a raindrop like tears.
It's complex and its hard to gather,
Beneath the sky, here I stand.
Like a dumb, lost into the sky.

There is a moon shimmering over the river,
Her beauty spreading like a ripple.
My own reflection making me cripple,
Into it, I wish to disappear forever.
Perhaps I may hear it clear,
The sorrow she bewails on her journey far,

The silhouette of the flags on the distant hill,
The lonely star twinkling from the north.
These sights make me sink in despair,
And in the darkness, I can hear the nightingale sob.

It springs yet the night is still cold,
Missing her hand that I used to hold.
There it stands the bridge where we first met,
The only witness was the river that flows underneath.
Long days have gone since the last spring,
Hoping this time a good moment's she may bring.

Sunday, 28 January 2018


I pulled back the curtain and saw my sister playing outside. Her playmate was the little girl from the next door.They look playful and happy despite heavy sunshine.
Meanwhile, I took to the fridge and look for something to eat or drink and to give to the happy playmates outside.
I forgot, there was mango that I bought yesterday. It was packed inside a plastic bag. I observed closely and at length picked the biggest one. I relished the piece.Perhaps because of hot weather outside and also my empty stomach it tasted amazing like never before.
There was two more left in the plastic. I wanted to give to those kids and went outside. I called the two passionate playmates. I can see sweats smearing down their face. They looked tired but their smile defied their tiredness. They ran toward me seeing what's in my hand. More than anything I saw an innocent soul in their eyes, uncorrupted by any defilements such as jealousy, greed and hypocrisy which otherwise is becoming cancerous to so-called the adults.
I looked inside and picked the larger one and gave it to my sister. Tiny one gave it to her playmate. Offourse both of them I know very well, one call me brother while other call me uncle.
I went inside and settled to read some books. Meanwhile, I watched outside and saw them enjoying the fruit. Out of blue my sister came inside running, slammed shut the door. She was upset, complained that her mango was rotten inside. I could not believe her words but what I saw in her hands validates her complaints. Yes, it was badly rotten inside. Both the mangoes looked perfectly before and I have chosen the bigger one for her deliberately because I favoured my sister.
Promptly, I consoled her to ask and ask for few shares from her friend as there was none left inside. She took to her heels and left the room.
From the window, I saw as she approached her friend and ask for some share. But her friend was like oh-sorry look As she has savoured her share as it was tiny. My sister looked enraged but forgiving. Forgetting everything they resumed their game after short respite created by my mango.
** moral subjective. 😊

Thursday, 11 January 2018

The officer

It's was a longstanding dream of my parents to pursue my career in the military. Inspired by their motivation and support , I too gradually developed affinity for working as a police officer. Most of the time it was my best friend who never failed to encourage me in the pursuit of my dream.
4 years passed in the college , came proudly graduated. But the pride was short-lived. Because I was like thrown into the boxing ring and made to fight without any training , skills . Assuming all graduates as contestant for the fight, chances for loosing my tooth,or nose was more than wining the fight. Similarly, chances of getting job for me was getting dimmer by then.
Well, one day I saw a vacancy for police officer in the news paper. It caught my attention immediately ,I applied for the vacancy without a seconds delay. After all that was what I awaited for long time and to slip it away would be disaster to me .
Everything happened very rapidly, soon I was shortlisted and sat for the test . Both practically and theoretically I did very well, especially physical test I could outdo many tough competitors and that made me and family very happy.
One day results were announced and time came for me to rejoice wholeheartedly. It was a defining moment for me, my friends and the parents. As I mentioned earlier my life seemed to be moving at fast mode. Soon , I was at Tashi gatshel, undergoing my training. It was fun yet tedious, with guns and drills, fist-tight schedules. But hectic days did could not stop me from flirting with girls ,in fact maybe because of my soon going -to -become officer tag I could find girls more easily than I used to before.
Like a dream training ended and eventually I was conferred the title of an officer with two stars on the shoulder. Joined by my families ,friends,My girlfrn,ex-girlfrn we rejoiced my promotion day with extravagant wine dine party. There were more kisses on my cheeks and lips than Khadars on the table. Everybody was overwhelmed and especially my best frn Karma. I could see tears of joy in his eyes for me . He said , ' phuntsho I am so proud of you and I have no words for your accomplishment, this is how I envisioned you with those spotless blue outfit and beautiful stars on your shoulder. " Phuntsho you know those stars on your shoulder looks so distinguishing, it really suits you ." He was little drunk by then and we went to bed that way.

I was placed to gelephu. It was customary for the officers to n initially placed in the border areas in the view to gain more experience and toughen our courage. Life of an officer is same everywhere, tight duties lesser entertainments. Occasionally, there would be emergency call and had to attend it. Kids getting into brawl , burglary cases , drugs etc. All sorts of crime from minor to deadly , could be confronted while we are in police . But I enjoyed my work and that was what I strived for , we are meant to safeguard peace and ensure safety to the public. So I feel proud of my service ,befriending virtues and punishing the vice.
One usual task would be to give supervision at the gate and act as officer in command. At the gate stakes are high as miscreants try to slip in with illegal stuffs . Most commonly controlled substances. It's so happend that one day ,we received tip-off from our undercover about possible drug smuggling of enormous quantity. A single cabin Bolero No......details of his outfit were also notified to us. We beefed up the security at the entrance, all out inspections were carried out. I was entrusted to command and coordinate the possible raid. The pressure was high and adrenalin was pumping. Everything entering the gate was checked and everybody was frisked thoroughly.
I was worried yet vigilant and I was waiting for the moment to come quick. Meanwhile,I was a called on by my senior officer for some urgent discussion. The search ensued. Later,over the walkie talkies one of the police reported me about busting the Bolero and finding the drugs. Straightaway ,I went there to inspect the car. I was shocked yet amazed to see how huge pile of drugs were carefully concealed beneath vegetables. There were marijuana,tablets,cocaine all type. The smuggler has been taken to the station for interrogation . I went there to dig in for more information.
I could see his back through the glass door, long hair and was being interrogated by one of my friends. Smugglers are lethal and selfish,because of them many people gets destroyed,I wonder why they chose this cunning way of earning money. His presence itself annoyed me.
I unhooked the handcuff off my pant and went to handcuff him. I was damn frustrated to the point I was ready to shoot him if somebody commands me to do so. I caught hold of right hand and then ordered for another.In so doing I saw the distinct tattoo on his hand . I wasn't day dreaming , could not believe my eyes As I shackled his hands . I said , 'i am sorry karma, I wish I can find reasons not to apprehend you but," ... There was a lump in my throat, I could hardly hardly say sorry for second time. Karma smiled showed no sign of remorse. He said , " at least I am happy you caught the wrongdoers and yeah that blue outfit suits you very much , and those stars on your shoulder are shining brighter than ever, bye phuentsho ". I saw his smiles for the last time , as he was helped into the prisoner bus.