Friday, 28 April 2017

Home work

Sometime I feel what I do in the office is all part of a obligatory service am doing because of my profession. Having said that , I do it anyway with zealous mind and enthusiasm because these contribution are aftetall part of a nation building.
I dont just don't confine My activity in the office but bring the ideas with me to my home. Home is the ideal place to find some solace by doing the job that fascinates oneself.
I need to some shed light on my room before I describe about my work . Am staying alone in a very spacious flat. I occupy only one room and rest two bedrooms are absolutely empty. The room have large window allowing adequate lights to get in. Therefore, I have leveraged this faculties and created a tiny indoor garden to grow my delightful plants.

I have deliberately kept the windows without curtain. My plan is to grow whatever I can in this room and recreate a miniature garden. There are flowers, watermelons,cucumber and would multiply the list as and whenever convenient. My plan is to grow vegetables, send climbers along the walls and window frame, all supposedly in a integrated desgin.

To further enhance my plants I have started preparing a compost. Indoor compost made from exclusive kitchen residue with use of EM solution. These compost is supposed to augment my plants with necessary nutrients. On the whole ,my in- house garden would remain exclusively organic.
My objective is to crate a green room with assorted plants. Climbers like slippery gourd, beans, would be allowed to climb freely while flowers and vegetable would occupy the floor. With time I would also like to add bonsai plants to the list.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The only difference between the photo and the memory is the photo itself .

Photos are as old as the memory but they still look younger. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The real bitch..

Few girls were walking down the road. Just then a dog pounced on a chicken nearby and escaped with it . The owner , an aged man  tried chasing the thief dog however in vain. The dog ran passed the goup of girls in walking ahead. The old man yelled , "hey there you go, old bitch".
The girls reacted to the words, "you clumsy old dick" another said ,"you old crooked loser" , all laughed at their own reply and walked away. Old man muttered to himself , " heaven only  knows , who the real bitches are? The dog or those girls moving the same road.....